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Join the Stadia Maps customers that switched from Google Maps after realizing they could save up to 90% on their monthly bills.

And you won't just reduce your expenses: you'll reclaim your privacy from the advertising algorithm and relieve the headache of vendor lock–in today.

After experiencing our commitment to service, privacy, and real human support, you'll quickly see we won't just help your bottom line—we'll be your location partner no matter your size.

Calculate Your Savings

Comparing pricing across vendors is complicated, so we've done the math for you. Enter your current monthly Google Maps usage to see how much you could save.

Estimated savings with Stadia Maps: $130 / month

These comparisons are our best estimates based on data available publicly as of June, 2024. Billing methods are not always directly comparable.

Where competitors charge per map load, we count each load as 16 Stadia tile requests.

Where competitors charge per element of a time/distance matrix request, we assume 1 Stadia request per 10 elements.

Every use case is different, so please do your own research.

Dynamic Maps - JavaScript, Android or iOS
50,000 map loads / month
2D Map Tiles
0 requests / month
Maps Static API
0 requests / month

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The Stadia Maps Advantage

Real Human Support

At Stadia Maps, standard email support isn't a paid add-on—it's part of who we are. Try it for yourself! We'll help you make the switch.

If you need tailored migration support, our team can work with you in as much detail as needed. Save valuable developer time by asking about a custom paid consultation today.

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No Vendor Lock–in

Want to display Google geocode results on a non-Google map? Not so fast! Google locks you into using their maps for displaying geocoding, routing, and other API results. We don't! Plus, our maps are available in industry-standard formats, so you have a choice of high-quality rendering SDKs on all major platforms (even desktop!).

We also support strong integrations with popular mapping libraries such as MapLibre GL JS and Leaflet, giving you the flexibility to grow and adapt your solutions without fear of future incompatibility.

Learn About Our SDKs

Flexible Routing API

At Stadia Maps, we know routing is more than just getting around on major highways with cars, which is why we offer one of the most flexible routing APIs on the market.

  • Need to match points to a route but hampered by the 100 point limit in Google's Snap to Roads API?

  • Require more specialized routing that accommodates LSV/quadricycle regulations or avoids unlit areas at night?
  • Developing a logistics tool for your last-mile delivery fleet?

Our flexible routing APIs are up to the task.

Learn About Navigation & Routing

Permanent Geocoding

Need to cache and store the results of your geocoding requests? As long as you have an active subscription to our Standard or Professional plan, you can do just that.

Learn About Geocoding

Commitment to Privacy

Location APIs often involve sensitive information. At Stadia Maps, we put privacy first by intentionally retaining as little data as possible. We'll even work with you to create a solution that goes above and beyond the legal requirements of GDPR and CCPA, like we did for HolidayCheck .

  • Our SDKs are fully open-source, enabling anyone to audit the code.
  • We don't collect telemetry data from your users.
  • We don't use cookies in our APIs (or even on this marketing website).
  • We don't store your users' request logs longer than 30 days.
  • We don't share any user data with anyone, and we never will.

Learn About Our Commitment To Privacy

Choose privacy & affordability today!

Migrate to Leaflet or MapLibre

Our basemaps easily integrate into both web or mobile frameworks. We also provide technical guides to help you along the way.

Once you make the switch, you'll experience the freedom of no longer being locked–in to a single vendor, allowing you to mix and match your location libraries and providers with ease.

Switch Your APIs

Converting an existing application from the Google Maps Routes APIs is straightforward. We have extensive documentation to ease the transition, and if you need assistance, we're only an email away.