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Routing & Navigation

Flexible and robust, with applications as diverse as last-mile route planning, golf cart navigation and bicycle tours, all powered by our suite of APIs.

Place search

Search-as-you-type experiences, structured address search, points of interest, and administrative area lookup.

Privacy by Default

GDPR and CCPA compliant by default. We don’t track your users or sell data about them.
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Map and then route

Routetitan empowers its customers to plan routes in seconds, save countless hours of time and fuel, and increase on-time deliveries with more visibility, all on top of our gorgeous Alidade Smooth Dark, OSM Bright, Outdoors vector and raster map styles.

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Unify your logistic experience

Shipsy enables logistics teams to plan, procure, execute, track and audit transportation for every shipment. Utilizing our beautiful vector map styles, we ensure seamless fleet management from hub to hub and through the last mile.

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Build modeling to deliver on time

Nextmv enables users to build custom routing models optimized to their unique constraints and objectives. We help power their routing APIs and provide a clean, modern look with our Alidade Smooth map style.

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