Private Location APIs & Maps
location without the privacy headache

Maps as private as Ni’ihau.

Finally, a location company that treats customers’ data with respect.

Create GDPR-compliant location applications.

Without the compliance nightmare.

The GDPR introduces complexities for companies building applications using maps. Most location API providers use SDKs and other toolkits to generate data based on users’ actions, all so they can sell it to the highest bidders (usually ad companies). Ensuring all of your map and location API providers comply with GDPR is complicated.

Stadia Maps removes the complexity. We don’t track or sell your users’ data.

Deliver geospatial insights & comply with US privacy regulations, including the CCPA.

New privacy regulation shouldn’t scare you.

Beginning in 2018 and intensified in 2023, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) ensures that all California residents have similar rights to those in the EU with GDPR. Other states, such as Utah, Virginia, and Colorado, have followed suit with similar legislation.

This regulation complicates the process of creating geospatial insights based on customers’ data, and is further complicated by using a map provider that seeks to create their own insights, too.

Stadia Maps gives you the tools to build insights, without compromising users’ fundamental privacy rights.

Rest easy, knowing your users’ data is safe—and not in our databases.

You can’t be evil if you don’t collect the data at all.

Worse than knowing your users’ data is being turned into products and targeted ads is not knowing at all. For long enough, map providers have made it the status quo to exploit users all while charging companies thousands a month to use location APIs.

That ends now.

With Stadia Maps’ clear data collection and use policies, strong privacy guarantees, and affordable pricing, you know your users are safe and your wallet secure.

Looking for even more?

We are happy to work directly with companies to build tailored solutions for their privacy needs. We can offer integrated services directly interfaced with your CDN, backend servers, or anywhere else.

The Fine Print

Read our privacy policy for all the details of how we handle your data and your users’ data. We think you’ll be impressed.