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Stadia × Stamen

Affordable, private, world-class cartography for everyone.

Enjoy the work of world-renowned cartographers from Stamen Design starting today. Based on the original basemaps created for the Knight Foundation, the Stadia x Stamen partnership fuses Stamen’s tradition of beautiful, functional maps with our strong and reliable platform, affordable and accessible to anyone.

Migrate Quickly & Seamlessly

For existing users of the Stamen map tiles, our new maps support all the same libraries and are drop-in compatible with Leaflet, MapLibre, OpenLayers, and more. Change a couple lines of code, and you’re all set.

Succeed with Support

We offer rich documentation and real human support via email to assist with any questions and mapping problems you might encounter.

Stay up—and Up-to-Date

With monthly data updates and multi-regional deployments, the new tiles will be routinely updated and powered by our global infrastructure. Pair the tiles with search, geocoding, routing, or any of our other services to create a truly immersive mapping experience.


I thought Stamen Map Tiles were free?

For many years, Stamen offered a completely free map tile service. Unfortunately, mapping services are expensive to maintain, and it wasn’t possible to continue supporting an entirely free service. We partnered with Stamen to continue offering these iconic styles as part of the Stadia Maps’ platform.

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How much does it cost?

The Stamen maps are available with all of our plans and priced as normal vector or raster map tiles. Get started for as little as $20 / month—or free if your project is non-commercial!

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