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Imagery Basemaps

Contextualize your data in brilliant color.

Imagery maps connect us to the world we see every day. For mapping, aerial and satellite imagery is the picture worth a thousand words. Ideal for outdoors, logistics, tourism, and dozens of other applications, the Stadia Maps’ imagery basemap allows you to display your data in beautiful, full-color context for your users.


  • Global, zoom 18 coverage
  • Great detail with a 1.5 m or better pixel resolution. 50 cm resolution over most of North America, Europe, and global urban areas. 30 cm resolution over many urban areas for where you need the detail the most.
  • Cloudless: less than 5% cloud-cover globally & less than 2% over urban areas
  • Fresh & Up-to-date: most areas are no more than a year old, with new imagery being added all the time
  • Affordable, no-surprise pricing
We switched to your satellite image layer, and it's a massive jump in quality! To quote our designer: "Uhhh…this is next gen!"
Markus, Shadowmap

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Satellite maps are available on our standard and professional plans. See our pricing page for details.