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안녕, 평창!

Here at Stadia Maps, we like to have some fun, so we are putting together some novel datasets to visualize on the map.

We’ll be updating our visualization throughout the games, so check back for updates!

Country shapes courtesy of Natural Earth.

Stadia Maps enables fantastic mapping experiences such as...
locating nearby caffeine

Why Stadia Maps?

We focus on providing great looking maps and geographic data services. We’re here to help you grow your business, not your bills.

What We Do

Map Tiles

We offer both raster and vector map tiles to get you started on your next application. You can easily integrate them into your website using Leaflet or Mapbox GL JS.

Static Maps

Need to generate a quick map to show a few locations? We make it easy! Just add query string parameters to a simple URL and drop it into your webpage or app.


Whether you need driving directions to your store, or want to figure out how walkable an area is, our turn-by-turn navigation service has you covered.

Not sure if we can meet all your mapping needs? Take a look at our documentation to see the full details of what we offer.

Our Tiers

Stadia Free

2,500 map views/day
2,500 routing requests/day
Non-commercial use only
Asset tracking not allowed

Stadia Starter

25,000 map views/day
25,000 routing requests/day
Commercial use allowed
Asset tracking not allowed

Stadia Standard

250,000 map views/day
250,000 routing requests/day
Commercial use allowed
Asset tracking allowed

Stadia Ultimate

Unlimited map views/day
1,000,000 routing requests/day
Commercial use allowed
Asset tracking allowed

Not sure how much traffic you’ll get? No problem! With our paid tiers, we have soft quota enforcement and will contact you about upgrading if you consistently exceed your limits.

If you’re just starting out on a project, you can get started for free. No registration is required for development when running a web server on localhost or No credit card is required for a free account.


What formats do you offer?

We offer both raster (PNG) and vector (PBF) tiles, as well as static map (PNG) generation. Our tiles can be used with all of your favorite open source libraries, including Leaflet for raster tiles, and MapBox GL JS for vector.

What’s a map view?

One map view is equal to 16 tile requests, or one static map request. Why 16? Most companies doing tile based serving use a similar number. We opted to go with a square rather than a round-sounding number, and a 4x4 grid is a reasonably average map size.

What are basemaps?

Basemaps are the layer of "normal" things you’d expect to see on a map like water, country borders, cities, points of interest, etc. They are called basemaps because they are the "base" that provides context for the markers and overlays you add on top.

What’s a static map?

A static map is an image that you can generate using a simple URL. These are great for quickly embedding a non-interactive map, optionally with markers at various locations. If you just want to throw a quick map with some pins into an image tag, these are the ticket.

Do you have documentation?

Yes, we're glad you asked! We have full documentation over at docs.stadiamaps.com.

Can I use Stadia Maps for …?

If you aren't sure if Stadia Maps is right for you, or if you have questions our homepage and documentation didn't answer, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We'd be delighted to answer any of your questions.