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Geocoding APIs Closed Beta

Build location applications, for humans and machines.

Geocoding converts natural-language into coordinates (and back again). Powering everything from precise address-to-coordinate conversion to back-office processes, geocoding APIs enable machines and users to seamlessly work together.

We are working closely with potential customers and users of geocoding to develop a product suitable for everyone. Join the beta to directly influence the future of geocoding at Stadia Maps!

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What is Geocoding?
Forward Geocoding

1 Main St, Anytown, USA -> (44.967, -103.771)

Forward geocoding converts natural language (addresses, points of interest, place names) to coordinates.

Reverse Geocoding

(44.967, -103.771) -> 1 Main St, Anytown, USA

Reverse geocoding converts coordinates to natural language, typically in the form of addresses.