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Geocoding APIs Beta

Build location applications, for humans and machines.

Geocoding APIs convert natural-language queries into coordinates, and coordinates into places. Powering everything from precise address-to-coordinate conversion to back-office processes, Stadia Maps Geocoding enables machines and users to seamlessly work together.

Search with Flexibility & Precision

Harness Global Data for Localized Results

Precisely convert addresses, points of interest, and place names into coordinates using our advanced forward geocoding. Seamlessly transform coordinates back into places with our efficient reverse geocoding. Tailor your search to specific regions or countries, and filter by data source, result type, or polygon. The choice is yours; the options, endless.

1 Main St, Anytown, USA -> (44.967, -103.771)
(44.967, -103.771) -> 1 Main St, Anytown, USA

Access Results Anytime, Anywhere

Lightning-Fast & Dependable Geocoding

Power through jobs with speedy results, and stop worrying with our reliable uptime. Our geocoding APIs are supported by a robust, globally redundant CDN and strategically deployed across both EU and US regions for optimum availability and minimal latency.

Elevate Your Address Search Experience

Discover Addresses—Even the Uncharted Ones

Leverage our intelligent approximation technology to locate addresses that are yet to be mapped. Our next-generation address search is built upon a comprehensive global address database and goes beyond traditional geocoding by delivering high-probability location results for addresses not found in standard databases.