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Our Tiles in your Style

Customize our default look and add extra tilesets to fit your mapping needs

Fully Customizable Vector Tiles

All of our hosted styles (except for Stamen Watercolor) are highly customizable, so you can localize, stylize, and configure the experience to match your users or brand.

Maputnik, Open-Source Style Editor

Customize Our Styles in Maputnik

You can quickly load our vector styles into the open-source editor, Maputnik, and instantly begin to build a style that fits your needs. Our Custom Map Styling guide will help you get started today.

Global Landcover Tiles

Add color to your maps by seamlessly including ice, tree, grass, and other layers from our Global Landcover tileset. Based on the European Space Agency's excellent WorldCover project and derived from Sentinel satellite imagery, our Global Landcover tiles are intended to smoothly transition to our landcover layer in our standard vector tiles.

Global Landcover Tiles

Global Elevation Tiles

Integrate hillshading or 3D elevation layers in your maps with our Terrarium formatted Global Elevation Tiles.

Natural Earth Shaded Relief Tiles

Give a natural look to your maps with our Natural Earth Shaded Relief Tiles. This tileset is rendered in XYZ and supports both retina and non-retina tiles.

Natural Earth Bathymetry Tiles

Give texture and depth to the oceans on your map with our Natural Earth Bathymetry Tiles. This tileset is available as a vector and is in MVT format.