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Maps that you can localize, stylize, and configure to match your brand or user preferences.


Get the elevation of any point on earth. You can query either a single point or get an elevation profile along a shape.

Routing & Navigation

Flexible and robust, with applications as diverse as last-mile route planning, golf cart navigation and bicycle tours, all powered by our suite of APIs.
On the Go Map website displaying a route over a custom map style powered by Stadia Maps
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How far and how high

On the Go Map built atop our mapping experience to enable an elegant tool to measure distance and elevation along a route with a vector map style.

CityStrides website with a route generated by Stadia Maps
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Let your users plan their routes

CityStrides lets you plan your next run with routes powered by Stadia Maps. Users then share runs with others, creating a unique social experience.

Relive uses dynamic and static map images powered by Stadia Maps
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Showcase your users

Relive implmented our dynamic and static map products, enabling every active person to share their adventure in an easy and beautiful way.

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