Announcing Improved Static Maps with Customizable Lines

We are excited to announce the release of our improved static maps product! Static maps enable developers to quickly and easily include maps in their applications as images. Included in this release are many performance improvements, the ability to directly draw lines on the map, and overhauled documentation.

Polyline Support for Static Maps

Since the static maps product launched, customers have requested the ability to draw lines directly on static map images, and today, we are officially announcing support for rendering polylines. With our updated API, developers can save time and resources by using static maps to solve problems where previously interactive maps or some other postprocessing was required.

a map of markers and a line in Tallinn, Estonia

Customizable from the Start

Whether you need to visualize a navigation route, a hiking track, or your most recent flight path, adjusting the look and feel is key to a great static map image. That’s why we made sure you can fully customize each line to achieve the perfect match to your app, just as you can already do with markers.

a map of markers and a line in Tallinn, Estonia

With these updates, the static maps experience is faster, smoother, and more integrated than ever before.

Get Started Today!

We've updated our static maps documentation so it's even easier to get started building maps. Update your current maps or create your first static map today!

One More Thing: A new PoP Location in Mumbai

map of India with Mumbai highlighted

As part of our efforts to support our global customer-base with high-reliability, low-latency, and unbeatable performance, we’re always looking for ways to expand our PoP network. After some unexpected delays, we’re now able to unveil a new PoP region in Mumbai, allowing us to better serve our Indian users. We will continue expanding the network in coordination with our infrastructure partners. New locations in Australia and Canada are already planned.