Stamen Design × Stadia Maps

Today, Stadia Maps and Stamen Design are pleased to announce a long-term partnership. Together, we will build mapping services that pair Stamen’s world-class cartography and Stadia Maps’ location platform to make great maps accessible to everyone.

Historically, this level of cartographic excellence has been reserved for those with deep pockets—but no longer! Building on the foundational work of open data and open source, our strengths combine to crate a new class of map service: maps that are world-class in design and data and affordable, private, and fully backed by the reliable infrastructure and responsive support.

Stamen Tiles
The original map tiles. Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 4.0. Data by OpenStreetMap contributors.

Stamen Map Tiles on Stadia Maps

During this first phase of our partnership, we're launching maps based on the widely-used Stamen map tiles. These include the Stamen Watercolor, Stamen Terrain, and Stamen Toner styles that have been on for years as a free, unsupported tile service. Since launch, these map tiles have found their way into dozens of open source libraries, thousands of projects, and even the Smithsonian’s permanent collection.

Refreshed Styles, Modern Tooling, and a Proven Platform

As part of this launch, we reworked and refreshed the styles. Stamen rebuilt them from scratch on the modern MapLibre mapping stack. Stadia Maps is serving them using their up-to-date, detailed map data. As with all of Stadia Maps’ services, these map tiles will come with all the same real human support and contractual guarantees, including optional SLAs.

Flexible & Extensible

By rebuilding the styles using modern tooling, we can offer map tiles for vector- or raster-based libraries, with the full flexibility and customization allowed by vector styling. Users will be able to adjust colors, remove and reorder layers, change the default language, and mix-in their own data with ease.

Get Started with Stamen Tiles on Stadia Maps

If you're an existing user of Stamen map tiles, you can learn all you need to know in our Stamen map tiles migration guide. If you're a new user, you'll just need to create an account and start using the style URLs found in the same guide. Instructions for vector map styles will be released soon.

The Future

This is phase one, and we're just getting started. Together, we intend to launch more products and services based on our complimentary expertise—all on a mission to make world-class cartography accessible to everyone.

More about Stamen Design & Stadia Maps

Since the beginning, quality cartography as been part of Stadia Maps’ DNA. We set out to build a map that was affordable, private, and, most of all, looked good. In the past seven years, we’ve succeeded at that and more. You can find our maps, alongside our search, routing, and many other services, at the heart of hundreds’ of products and used by thousands of developers around the world.

You can reach Stadia Maps via email at

For the past 20 years, Stamen has helped companies (including Meta, Amazon, and National Geographic), NGOs (including the Dalai Lama and museums around the world), and individuals build beautiful and usable maps. Stamen is an early proponent of using OSM map data to create good maps, and when you look at almost every significant OSM-based mapping project in the last decade, they—or their alumni—have played instrumental parts.

You can reach Stamen directly via email at or via their contact form.