Satellite Maps Are Now Available

The wait is over! We’re happy to announce the general availability of our satellite maps. The new maps are now available to all subscribers of our revamped Standard and Professional plans, which we announced last week.


Go ahead and explore the map a bit before you keep reading. We'll wait! (Make sure to check out full-screen mode.)

If you're designing a real estate platform, planning a city, or building an app for the great outdoors, you need to know the lay of the land. Your customers deserve the best, which is why we’ve partnered with industry leaders to source high-quality imagery that’s typically less than a year old. Our Alidade Satellite style pairs this with a minimalist approach to additional layers to give your data the context it needs.

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We’ve updated our documentation with everything you need to use the Alidade Satellite style. If you’re already using MapLibre GL or Leaflet, integration is only a few lines of code. And if you’re just getting started, our guides and tutorials will give you a jump start.

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