Announcing Time Zone APIs and a Documentation Refresh

We are excited to announce two important product updates today. Following a period of closed beta testing, we are officially releasing our time zone API.

Along with this release, we’ve given our developer documentation long-overdue facelift and added an exhaustive API reference.

Time Zone API

Build time zone aware applications with our new Time Zone APIs! Whether you need to determine the local time zone of an event or plan a round-the-world trip, our new Time Zone APIs give you the simple tools needed to make your app a little bit smarter.

Our newest API enhances your applications with time zone information for any point on earth. You supply the coordinates, and we provide the time zone in a few useful formats, including the canonical time zone identifier and UTC offset information. In addition to the standard UTC offset, the time zone API provides any special offsets, such as if daylight saving or summer time is in effect. You can also specify an effective timestamp to retrieve the UTC offsets at a point in the past or future. Check out the documentation for the full details.

Get Stated with the Time Zone API

We can’t wait to see what you build with our new Time Zone API. To get you started, we’ve written up a fresh Python tutorial in our documentation.

Documentation Refresh

Speaking of docs, we recently gave our docs. a long-overdue facelift, in large part thanks to Material for MkDocs (which we now sponsor). This is a massive upgrade which includes dark mode, better looking code blocks, improved navigation, and more.

We’ve also added a full API reference that makes it easier to see all the endpoints we offer, along with comprehensive schema documentation. The new reference is generated from an OpenAPI specification, which we will keep up to date as we add new endpoints. This machine-readable spec can be used to generate an up-to-date API client in any major programming language, and allows us to provide you with the new handy online API explorer.

Talk to us!

What else do you want to do with our APIs? We’re always happy to hear what else we can do for you or just learn about what you’re working on! You can get in touch via email or the social links below.