New Plans & Pricing in 2023

What’s Changing

Effective today, we are updating our pricing policies and plans. We have identified some ways our current pricing causes confusion, and we are updating how accounts are granted access to features.

Change #1: Account Usage

The biggest change is how account usage is calculated. First, plans will now have a monthly usage limit instead of a daily usage limit. Second, we are replacing "map views" and "API requests" with a single, simplified credit system.

Each plan will come with an included amount of credits for each month, and each request you make to our APIs will use a set number of credits (e.g., a raster map tile will count as 1 credit, a static map as 10 credits, and a route request as 10 credits).

For new paid plans, we will allow users to choose between the option to be hard limited (i.e., additional requests will be blocked) when the included credits are consumed or accruing additional usage fees. Free plans will continue being hard limited when the usage limit is reached.

Change #2: Available Features

Going forward, each plan will be granted access to a set of APIs. More advanced plans will have access to more features; less advanced plans will have access to fewer features. For example, you will now need the Starter plan to gain access to our Static Maps API or the Standard plan for the new Satellite Basemap.

Legacy plans will retain their existing feature set as of January 11th, but will need to upgrade to access new features (ex: satellite basemaps). If you were a subscriber as of January 11th, we have emailed you with a limited time upgrade offer to get a substantial discount on any of the new plans.

You can see all the details about our new pricing on our updated pricing page