Three New SDKs and MapLibre GL JS Search Plugin Are Now Available

Today we are excited to announce the initial release of three SDKs (JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, and Kotlin), along with a MapLibre GL JS search box plugin for Stadia Maps services.

We've Listened and Delivered

These four projects round out our support for a large portion of our existing user base, including all browser-based apps and many popular backend use cases too.

Why Use the SDKs?

Of course you could write your code to directly interface with our APIs, but there are several benefits to taking advantage of our SDKs:

  • Save time; no need to write your own API code since you have access to the full range of Stadia Maps geospatial APIs
  • Easily install via your favorite package manager
  • Faster access to documentation in your IDE with autocomplete
  • Always utilize the latest features because when we release a new API, we'll release an updated SDK

MapLibre GL JS Search Box Plugin

Our MapLibre GL JS plugin builds off of our JavaScript SDK and this plugin makes it easy and straightforward to add an autocomplete search box to your maps with just a few lines of code, all while leveraging best practices (debouncing of requests, caching of previous results, and navigating to the chosen result) for the autocomplete search API!

Now you can easily implement an address auto-fill form for your e-Commerce application, saving your customers time and headaches on the backend due to bad input data.

You can also use autocomplete to find:

  • Points of interest such as major landmarks, airports, campuses, etc.
  • Administrative areas (e.g. neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, etc.)
  • Postal codes
  • And more...

We Want Your Feedback

Since these are the initial versions of each SDK and plugin, we are looking for feedback from the community on updates, features, and improvements that we can incorporate into upcoming releases.

Where to Find

You can find the releases, and their source code, in the usual places:

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