New SDK for Swift is Now Available

Today we are excited to announce the initial release of our Swift SDK.

Xcode users will get all the goodies like autocomplete, type definitions, and documentation as you type. All API methods leverage the async features introduced in Swift 5.5, which make it easier than ever to write correct asynchronous code. And since it's generated from official OpenAPI spec, you'll be among the first to get access to our latest features.

We've Listened and Delivered

With this latest addition, we now support multiple languages and platform types:

We also have a MapLibre GL JS search box plugin.

Why Use the SDKs?

Of course you could write your code to directly interface with our APIs, but there are several benefits to taking advantage of our SDKs:

  • Save time; no need to write your own API code since you have access to the full range of Stadia Maps geospatial APIs
  • Easily install via your favorite package manager
  • Faster access to documentation in your IDE with autocomplete
  • Always utilize the latest features because when we release a new API, we'll release an updated SDK

We Want Your Feedback

Since this is the initial version of the Swift SDK, we are looking for feedback from the community on updates, features, and improvements that we can incorporate into upcoming releases.

Where to Find

You can find the Swift SDK, and its source code, on GitHub.

Learn More & Next Steps