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Enhanced Documentation and mkjsfiddle: Better examples and an open source library!

Published: 3/4/2020

At Stadia Maps, we work hard to make your mapping experience easy and painless. A core part of our mission to make location human is making our docs as accessible as possible for you as a developer. The fewer the hurdles to development, the faster you can deliver solutions to your customers.

Experimenting with code and seeing results instantly is an effective way to learn a new library or framework. If you’re a frontend developer, there’s a good chance you have already used JSFiddle for this a few times. We did some digging and found that they have an API, which lets us generate fiddles from the code segments in our docs, freeing you to focus on what matters. No need to copy the code to your computer, start up a web server, or register an account&mdashjust start fiddling!

We’ve updated the relevant code snippets in our docs, such as vector and raster map examples, with a nifty button to edit the sample right away in JSFiddle. Check it out in action over here!

Announcing mkjsfiddle

While we were building the integration, we looked around for a library that would do it automatically. We use MkDocs for generating our documentation pages from Markdown, and we thought surely someone would have a plugin for this already. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any, so we wrote one! We think other MkDocs-based sites could benefit from JSFiddle integration as well, so we’ve open-sourced our plugin so other projects can make their docs a little more human.

Talk to us!

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