Announcing Version 2 of our Official SDKs

Today marks a new milestone in the lifecycle of the Stadia Maps official SDKs. We have just released version 2.0.0 of our API client libraries for the web, mobile and backend. With official clients in TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, and Python, we've already helped thousands of developers get started in just a few lines of code.

This release includes a number of improvements:

  • A factor for adjusting the cost of alleys when doing automobile routing
  • A resample distance parameter for elevation requests, which makes it even easier to get elevation profiles; just give us a simple set of points and we'll interpolate the rest!
  • Support for requesting one or more alternate routes (great for navigation applications)
  • Additional options to ignore restrictions (particularly useful during map matching when you just want to know which roads a vehicle traversed)

If you're using one of our existing libraries already, it will generally keep on working as-is. However, in order to make a few of the improvements, we had to introduce backwards-incompatible changes, which is why it gets a major version bump. For migration instructions, refer to the release notes lined below: