Announcing Simplified Account-Based Billing

At Stadia Maps, we're always trying to make maps more accessible. Since launching, we have required a subscription for each property in your Stadia Maps account. However, over time, we recognized this approach added unnecessary complexity and confusion (it is the top support question we receive). So starting today, we’re making your life easier by billing per account rather than per property.

Properties are still a useful way that many of our customers track usage of individual applications, so they are not going away. In fact, you can still create as many of them as you like! The difference is that your account only needs a single subscription that covers the combined usage of all your properties. We’ve added an account-level overview to the client dashboard so that you can see the aggregate usage against your plan limit. If you previously had multiple subscriptions, we’ve got you covered! We have already canceled any extra subscriptions and emailed you with the good news.

Of course, our terms of service still apply, and you will need multiple accounts to use maps across multiple entities. See our FAQ to learn more about shared billing, and when you need multiple accounts.