Announcing Cacheable Static Maps

Our Static Map Images API offers an easy way to add maps to your website or app. If your use case doesn't require interactive maps, you can push all the rendering complexity to our servers. We'll even let you customize the maps with annotations like markers and lines, all using a simple URL!

Simpler Licensing for Printing and Caching

Today, we're launching a cacheable static maps endpoint with special terms to enable new use cases. For digital use, this endpoint allows storing or caching map images in your infrastructure or an image CDN (as long as you maintain a paid subscription). For print applications, you'll no longer need to contact us for a custom license if your usage meets certain conditions. With these two changes, we're making it easier for you to build solutions without having to ask us for custom pricing or terms.

Advanced Privacy Protection; Enhanced Customizing & Performance

The new digital use terms allow you to create solutions using static maps so end-user traffic never goes to our servers. If you're looking for a way to enhance end-user privacy beyond our no-tracking policy, or have particularly strict compliance needs, the new endpoint enables you to pre-generate or cache images fully under your control.

For users looking to utilize popular image CDNs or push-based deployment strategies used by some site generators, this new endpoint allows you to take advantage of these enhancements and remain compliant with our terms.

Cacheable static maps are available using a new endpoint, which you can read about in our documentation. The request parameters are the same as our existing static endpoint, so the migration only takes a few seconds. We can't offer caching on the Alidade Satellite style at this time, but all other features and capabilities are identical, including access to the map styles from Stamen Design.

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