2024 Satellite Imagery Map Refresh

Today, Stadia Maps unveils significant enhancements to our Alidade Satellite style and other imagery offerings. This refresh brings vibrant global color, expands 50cm resolution coverage, introduces 30cm high-resolution imagery in major cities, and refreshes imagery across our entire map portfolio.

People use imagery maps every day to understand a location in its “true” visual context: hikers verify trails in stunning clarity, families find their next home—with a porch and lots of trees for the summer, and travelers plan their vacation surroundings in vivid detail. Our latest improvements mean your visual context is not just updated—it's richer, clearer, and more precise.

A Sharper World: Enhanced Imagery

When we first rolled out our imagery maps last year, we were determined to provide a solid baseline level of detail. We started off with a mix of 1.5m resolution (zoom level 16) for the whole world, and then added 50cm resolution (zoom level 18) over about 23 million square kilometers. Now, we're stepping it up by including an additional 4 million square kilometers of 50cm imagery. This update means you get to see more of the world in better detail, from bustling city corners to the quietest, most remote spots.

But why stop there? On top of that, we've added over a quarter million square kilometers of 30cm resolution imagery, bringing things into even sharper focus at zoom level 19 and above. It’s just the beginning – we're on a mission to keep boosting our maps with even higher resolution imagery.

All in all, with nearly 5 million square kilometers of improved imagery, there's a lot more for us to explore and enjoy. Whether you're planning a hike, finding your next home, or just curious about a new place, the world just got a bit closer to your fingertips.

Vivid Colors & Fresh Views

In imagery maps resolution matters, but the magic really happens in the details—the colors, the clarity, and the freshness of an image. That's why this update isn't just about adding more pixels; it's about making every pixel count.

Consistency is key.

We've made the colors across all zoom levels more consistent, ensuring that no matter how far in or out you're zooming, the experience remains seamless. This means better data overlays and a smoother experience for everyone. At higher zoom levels, we've continued to prefer “true colors” that showcase the unique beauty of each location, balancing regional flair with a cohesive global palette.

Keeping Things Fresh

We're dedicated to keeping our imagery as fresh and current as possible. This update phases out our oldest imagery—some dating back to 2019—with updated imagery. Our oldest imagery is now only a couple of years old. While it isn’t possible to keep an imagery map as up-to-date as we do our street maps, we will keep updating pixels all the time, because the fresher the imagery, the higher the quality of the map you get to explore.

Next Steps

You can get started with our imagery basemap today. Sign up for the new Standard or Professional plan, and turn the earth into your canvas today.