The nuts & bolts.


How we make our services fast.

We believe offering solid and consistent services necessitates a solid foundation. We also know good, fast, and reliable services do not self-assemble. That's why we've spent months building a foundation that can serve any request in milliseconds, no matter where your users are.

How we make our services affordable.

Heavy investment in infrastructure is not often considered the best way to reduce costs. However, because our development from the beginning has been laser-focused on delivering the best and most affordable location data pipeline in the world, we have developed a set of solutions that utilizes hardware and software to its fullest potential, which further enables us to pass that cost-savings on to you—our customer.

How we make our services reliable.

Of utmost importance to our infrastructure is our reliability, after all, an unreliable service is hardly better than no service. By building in many layers of redudancy, global-fault tolerance, and general system maintence, we can deliver a high-degree of guranteed service, without compromising our services' speed or your costs.


The Details

Our 7 datacenters (with 4 more in development) are globally linked with each other using a mesh network that allows any datacenter to serve any request. When one datacenter (or one server in a datacenter) goes down, requests are automatically redirected to healthy servers and datacenters using a mixture of DNS and active health-check approaches.

By planning for failure, we can ensure your users never miss their maps—even if more than half of our datacenters go down.